Clients Past & Present: Following is a list of clients that
represent the combined experience of the key members of
our creative/marketing boutique. 


Food Products
• Best Foods
• Coffee of Columbia
• General Foods
• Levy’s Baking Company
• WASA Crispbread

Consumer Products
• Champion International
• Lever Products
• General Coatings Paints
• Head Tennis
• Johnson & Johnson
• Mobil
• Proctor & Gamble
• Richardson Vicks
• Texaco
• Uniroyal

• Alioop Indoor Playspace
• Choura Architecture
• High Noon Tanning Salon
• Pat Micek, Esq
• Panoramic Group Printing
• Red Oak Transportation
• Reliance Merchant Services


• Drake Beam Morin
• Security Director Magazine

• Avalon Assisted Living
• Beth-Abraham
• Bruce Oran, MD
• Greenwich Woods Rehab
• Health Enhancement Rehab
• Hindin Center for Dentistry
• Meadowview Assisted Living
• Scarsdale Integrative Medicine
• Wartburg Adult Care
• Willow Towers Assisted Living

Financial Services
• American Express
• Retirement System Group


Wow! This magazine looks fantastic. You
guys have outdone yourselves again - it
really is amazing work! I want to take a
moment to thank you for all your efforts
and hard work over the last several months.
It's incredible how you guys are able to
make this motley crew look professional
year after year! You're the best! Thank you.

Craig Schwab, CPP
ASIS NYC Chapter

The logo remains timeless and effectively
beautiful. Although I never formally studied
advertising or graphic arts, working with
you earlier in my 'career' may have been as
good an education as one would have
hoped to receive at university.
Thank you for the contributions you made
to our business.

Michael Ghitelman
General Coatings Paints