• Aggleton & Associates Security
• Alphom Group
• American Society of Industrial
Security (ASIS NYC Chapter)
• Executive Protection Institute
• Niscayah USA
• Safeguards Internationals
• Unitex Direct

Auto/Car Rental
• Audi
• AVIS Rent-a-Car
• Mercedes Benz
• Volkswagen

• Alcatel-Lucent
• Audio-to-Go
• Bartizan Data Systems
• Polaroid
• Progressive Computing
• Sony

Pool & Spa Industry
• Arctic Sauna
• Bell-Aqua Pool Supply
• Paragon Aquatics


Non-Profit Organizations
• Akiva Hebrew Day School
• American Association of
Physiological Medicine &
Dentistry (AAPMD)
• American Institute of Chemical
Engineers (AIChE)
• American Society of Industrial
Security (ASIS NYC Chapter)
• Business Council of Fairfield
County (SACIA)
• Foundation for the Advancement
of Innovative Medicine (FAIM)
• Edward Hopper House
• YWCA of Greenwich
• YWHA of Westchester

• Arnold K Davis Insurance
• JSC Long Term Care

• American Airlines
• China Airlines
• El Al Airlines
• Lufthansa Airlines
• British Tourist Authority
• Spanish Tourism
• Portuguese Tourism


I wanted to call so you could hear the
excitement in my voice. I LOVE the
pieces you sent over to Dan for those
three mailers! You completely captured
exactly what we want to communicate.
There may be minor tweaks but the
overall message is perfect! Thank you!!!
We are very excited!!

Jordana Wolfson
Akiva Hebrew Day School

A prospect thoroughly investigated
our firm via our website and chose
us as the broker to represent them.
This is the first time I can recall our
website having a direct bearing on
the prospect’s decision – so a big
thank you!

Robbie Davis
Arnold K. Davis Insurance