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General Coatings (A paint company)
Meadowview (An assisted-living residence)
Spain (Government Tourist Bureau)
Bartizan (Trade show lead-tracking equipment) (Online art auction)

General Coatings top

Attracting attention to a new company name, logo and strategic positioning with a limited budget and unlimited flair.

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Meadowview Assisted Living top

Breaking through the immense clutter of senior residence advertising to introduce a new concept in senior living with a campaign that began with a big idea and ended in enormous success.

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Spain top

Changing the world’s image of Spain from that of a beach-vacation destination to a cultural, historical, gastronomical land of fun and romance, comparable to that of its chief competitors, France and Italy.

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Bartizan top

Do you want your trade booth to only look good or would you want it to also generate leads was the question. And the answer was an overnight (and continuing) success for the Bartizan lead-tracker.

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If nobody knows your name, or understands what you do, how do you get your target audience to pay attention? With provocative (but relevant) visuals that compel them to read all about you.

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