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invisible Meadowview Assisted Living

Before we began work for Meadowview - a new assisted living facility for adults on The Wartburg senior care campus - we took a look at the advertising its competitors were doing. Staring at us was ad after ad showing jovial seniors with happy faces, and some unsurprising headlines.

We approached things differently. Each ad in our award-winning campaign celebrated a unique feature that had evolved from The Wartburg’s 100 years of experience in senior care. A square-backed chair, for example, because it had proven to be more practical than conventional chairs. A dish of ice cream, to show that our apartment freezers were bigger and able to accommodate what we had learned was a favorite snack. A hotel-like key, because some seniors have difficulty with metal keys.

The client’s most optimistic expectations were to have 40 deposit checks by opening day. They got 60!

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